Men Without Hate is here!

My novel Men Without Hate has just been published by All Things That Matter Press. Men Without Hate centers on the journeys of two different men from the Raines family, who fight in two different wars. 

You can buy it now on Amazon. Reader reviews are hugely appreciated—length doesn't matter, but review quantity counts in Amazon's search metrics.

Other News

My essays are featured in two anthologies that appeared in print in late 2016 and will be out in Kindle format later this year. The first piece, on the "seeds," sources and development of Men Without Hate, can be read in Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition. I'm honored to be in the company of the forty or so accomplished authors from Britain, the US and Europe the editors have collected!

In addition, my essay on the influence of "Papa" Hemingway on my life and writing appears in another Stories of You collection, this one called The Mentor That Matters.

Click on the tabs above to find out more about myself and Men Without Hate, to read a pair of excerpts, and to contact me.